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Win An Exclusive Signed Zinsky Portrait Worth Over £600

The Zinsky X Labyrinth Gallery private viewing is happening on Friday 31 May (5-8pm), with drinks and an event only competition you won’t want to miss!

This is a rare and exclusive preview of new and unseen work by the renowned, leading portrait artist Zinsky – his first show in five years. It's going to be a fun filled night full of music, drinks and prizes!

Taking place at the Labyrinth Gallery in Brighton, there will be a competition for all guests who attend, where you could win an exclusive signed hand drawn and hand signed portrait, by the artist by Zinsky worth over £600 (he’s currently drawing it and it will be solely for the event).

Zinsky is flying in from Barcelona just for this special occasion to debut his brand new collection at Labyrinth Gallery. Across the course of the evening, you will get to meet Zinsky and dive deep into the stories behind his latest masterpieces.

The event is free to attend and will run for three hours on the night so feel free to drop in anytime between 5-8pm.

His work, celebrated for its striking and intricate portrayals of iconic figures like The Joker, Bowie, Star Wars characters, Pulp Fiction, Prince, and The Godfather, has earned a massive cult following.

So how to win this fantastic prize? Just sign up to get free tickets to the event, all attendees on opening night (31 May) will then be entered into a random draw and the winner chosen and informed via email following the event - best of luck and enjoy the exhibition!

And for those unable to attend the opening night, the exhibition is extended to run between Saturday the 1st June to Monday the 10th June during normal opening hours if you'd like to visit!

Location of the gallery is situated in Market Street, at the beginning of the lanes off East Street. Between Pret and The White Company. Visit

About Zinsky:

A reclusive artist, Zinsky was born and brought up in the UK but now lives in Barcelona. Spending time in a city famous for its architecture, art, and culture has had a profound impact on his work, and he has absorbed influences and ideas from his surroundings. A definite non-conformist, it is the art of the streets and the bohemian fringes that he admires rather than the more officially sanctioned establishment work, yet ironically the brilliance of his own oil paintings would make them look at home in the most formal of public galleries.

Zinsky’s remarkable portraits capture the essence of his subject in a way that sets his work apart from that of his contemporaries. In a world where the art of the icon is in such great demand, he brings something new and exciting to this hugely popular genre. The confidence and skill he demonstrates within his compositions combine with the speed and spontaneity with which he works, demonstrating a raw talent that is completely natural.



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