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Win A Meerkat Experience For Two + A Bundle Of Tickets To Knockhatch

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

All photos credited to Eddie Howland.

Have a go at our random draw and you could be taking the whole family off to Knockhatch Adventure Park for the day, including a Meerkat experience for two worth £120!

Embark on a wild adventure at Knockhatch Adventure Park and uncover the captivating world of meerkats like never before. As you step into their enclosure, you'll be greeted by these curious creatures, their eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Witness their playful antics and watch them communicate with varied calls. Get up close and personal with these social animals, as they scamper around their habitat with boundless energy.

Feel a sense of awe as you learn about their unique behaviours and cooperative nature as your questions are answered by their keepers. This immersive meerkat experience at Knockhatch Adventure Park promises unforgettable memories and an opportunity to connect with these delightful creatures on a whole new level. Plan your visit at

In order to be in with a chance to win the Meerkat experience of two AND four day tickets to Knockhatch, just enter our random draw before the closing date on Friday August 4 - best of luck!



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