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By purchasing tickets, you agree to our conditions of sale:

1. Sussex Living Limited, hereinafter referred to as "The Management", reserves the right to refuse admission. Ticket holders may be refused admission if, in the opinion of our SIA approved security staff, they appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or are behaving in an anti-social manner.


2. The management do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property left unattended on this site.

3. All bags will be searched prior to entry by our SIA Security team, we reserve the right to search anyone prior to admittance to this event.

4. No alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought into the venue (Steyne Gardens) during this event. Similarly, items containing glass, knives, flaming torches, barbecues, laser pens, drones and any other items that could be considered a weapon are NOT permissible to be brought onto this site. All unsuitable items will be confiscated.

5. Children aged 5 and under will be admitted free of charge and do not require a ticket. No other concessions apply.

6. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

7. Alcohol will be available to purchase from our licensed bars and will only be served to persons aged 18 or older. If you are aged under 25, please bring ID to ensure you are served. You may be asked to show your ID to security staff at any point during the event and not just within the bar area,  if it’s considered you may be under the age of 18.


8. Hand Sanitiser (250ml or less) for the purpose of sterilising hands is permitted.


9. A sealed plastic bottle (500ml max) containing a soft drink or water may be brought into this event, subject to a maximum of 1 bottle per customer. Bottles not sealed will be confiscated on entry.


10. General entry ticket holders must access this event using either entrance located towards the southern end of Steyne Gardens. E-tickets must be displayed on your smart phone ready to be scanned.


11. Your ticket entitles the holder to general entry into Steyne Gardens. Persons with limited mobility and those who require use of an accessible toilet, need to pre-book access to the disabled area and is subject to availability. If you have received a physical ticket from us complete with a ‘disabled’ wristband, you are already booked into this area. Your entry into Steyne Gardens is via the north entrance (located behind the stage) in Brighton Road. You must wear your wristband upon arrival.   


12. No seating is provided, but you are welcome to bring a blanket and sit ‘picnic style’ or bring small portable chairs. However, you may be asked to move your seat should management feel it could be a health and safety risk, if noncompliant your seat could be confiscated. Deck chairs will be available to rent on site, subject to availability.


13. Should you need to leave during this event (but wish to return) you can do so, providing you request a hand stamp, prior to your exit. Guests in Disabled area or VIP area will be supplied wristbands (which must be worn from your arrival) and this will ensure your re-entry. Guests returning without the above will not be permitted re-entry.


14. This event will be patrolled by SIA approved security team. People exhibiting behaviour detrimental to the enjoyment of others, or presenting a health and safety risk, will be required to leave the event.


15. No pets may be brought into the event. However, assistance dogs are welcome within the disabled area.


16. All ticket holders consent to the filming and sound recording of themselves as members of the audience by attending this event. Images may be used by the management (and its associated companies) in any media, including the internet.


17. It’s possible that sound pressures may exceed 96dB at short peaks.


18. The management reserves the right to make any cast or programme changes deemed necessary by any unavoidable cause.


19. Tickets are non-transferable and are non-refundable. In the unlikely event we have to cancel this event, your tickets will automatically be transferred to a rescheduled date in the future.


20. If necessary, we reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions, should a change of circumstance dictate this. For example, but not limited to, public health concerns. If any new terms and conditions or revisions are necessary, the management will communicate this information via our websites and directly to ticket holders via email or SMS, where possible.


Sussex Living Ltd and are part of The Total Sense Media Group.

Sussex Media Centre, Unit 4 Regent Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TL

Contact The Garden Party: <>  tel: 01903 221888

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